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Complete solutions to keep your business moving beyond Brexit.

Brexit is a fact. As of January 1, 2021, customs declarations must be filed for all shipments between the UK and the EU. This new obligation can create additional risks, costs and delays for your company.

To make compliance easy for you, we have customs solutions available in the UK and all neighboring countries. We offer a one-stop shop, with services ranging from automated to completely outsourced, supported by in-house software solutions, to help you with your Brexit customs declarations.

SGS, your trusted Brexit partner, has decades of experience helping traders become customs compliant, with minimal impact on their business processes and P&Ls. Our experienced advisors can help you set up a tailor-made solution that caters to your business needs.

We are the only customs partner you need to transform Brexit from a burden into a competitive advantage.

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Import and Export Declarations

Every shipment between the UK and the EU will require both an export and an import declaration. The data to be used for these declarations are largely the same. Making both declarations at the same time will enable you to save time and costs and reduce the risk of error. SGS has customs brokerage teams in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland. Our Benelux team can also take care of your customs declarations for goods moving through the Netherlands and Belgium, for example, on their way to Germany. Our declarants are already helping thousands of companies – from SME to multinational – with our fast and reliable service. Find out more about our import and export solutions.

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SGS TransitNet

Almost all trade between the EU and Switzerland is covered by transit documents. With Brexit, this will also apply to trade between the EU and the UK. Transit offers many advantages. It reduces liability for the exporter, enables faster border crossing and reduces paperwork. SGS TransitNet is a unique web-based tool that enables you to create your own transit documents 24/7, without the need to apply for licenses and obtain large guarantee amounts from customs authorities in multiple countries. The TransitNet network enables you to open transit documents in over 20 European countries, including the UK and all neighboring countries. If you prefer, an SGS declarant can create a transit document for you. Discover TransitNet today.

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Digitalizing your customs processes is the best way to minimize the burden of Brexit. We offer in-house developed software solutions and guidance from a skilled team of data specialists, software developers and e-customs consultants. Our customs specialists are always available to advise you. Our export, import and transit solutions can connect to your ERP, WMS, TMS or any other tool you use to run your business. If you’re not ready for automation yet, start with our manual service. Our specialists will take you through the customs automation process step by step. Learn more about our Declaration Software and e-GTA


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VAT Services/Fiscal Representation

When you import goods into a customs territory, you must pay import VAT. Even though you can claim it back later, you will suffer from a liquidity disadvantage until it is repaid. SGS’s VAT services are designed to improve your cash flow, particularly important post-Brexit. Over 90% of our German clients importing through the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp use our fiscal representation service to avoid paying import VAT. Learn about our fiscal representation services.

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Origin Documents

To benefit from a UK-EU free trade agreement, you will have to prove the origin of your goods. Whether this is through certificates of origin or a licensed trader scheme, SGS can help you apply for duty free trade post-Brexit. You can do this on your own, using our software solutions, or our experts can do it for you. Learn more about certificates of origin.

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Many Brexit traders have no experience with customs. Even those who do will still need to familiarize themselves with the new regulations and procedures. Our customs consultants are here to help you prepare for Brexit customs compliance. Whether you need to apply for licenses, train your staff or align your commercial and logistics arrangements with the new customs formalities, our consultants will help you navigate the new requirements. Discover our consultancy services for international trade.

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