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SGS traceability services enable you to trace your products back to source, know where raw materials and components originate and verify supply chain risk.

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Companies often need to go beyond Tier 1 in their supply chain to understand where different parts of their finished products originate and the conditions under which they have been produced. Whether you are a retailer, brand, agent or manufacturer, we have a full suite of services designed to aid you in complying with the law, and your supply chain partners and clients.

Whether this information is needed to support due diligence efforts required by law as is the case for the UK Modern Slavery Act or for Conflict Minerals in the US, to verify country of origin or to ensure that subcontracting is not occurring in the supply chain, traceability audits can provide validated information to help you define your strategy.

Traceability Audit Services

Where relevant, product testing can verify the presence of specific substances and materials to assess whether further due diligence is required. Programs can then be designed to help you develop communications strategies and encourage transparency on sourcing throughout the supply chain. Advice on risk assessment and areas of focus can then be developed to support a robust due diligence system.

Furthermore, our services can be extended into your supply chain – either spot-checking key risk areas or working back to source. Supplier audits can validate self-declarations and assess buying practices and working practices. Specialist audits can look at specific topics such as sub-contracting, country of origin, and the conflict-free status of mineral supplies.

Why Choose Traceability Services From SGS?

We can complete the whole project for you, no need to subcontract; we have a global network of:

  • Product and raw material testing laboratories
  • Social compliance experts
  • Trained and experienced auditors

SGS is an approved auditor for many programs and clients, providing assurance through our unrivalled know-how and expertise.

To find out more, contact the traceability audits team at SGS.