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From January 2017, any refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump equipment imported into the EU that is pre-charged with HFCs, must use HFCs obtained from the EU quota. Importers will need to prove to the authorities that the equipment they import complies with this requirement.

Non-EU manufacturers will have the option of:

  • Purchasing their required HFCs from an EU quota holder (the quota holder would deliver actual HFC fluids to a non-EU manufacturer)
  • Obtaining an authorization from an EU quota holder to use a specified amount of their quota (the non-EU manufacturer will then be able to source the actual HFC fluid from a local supplier)

The compliance information required from manufacturers and importers of pre-charged equipment will include documentation to show the source of HFCs and a declaration of conformity.

From 1 January 2018, where HFCs contained in equipment have not been placed on the market prior to the charging of the equipment, importers of that equipment shall ensure that by 31 March every year the accuracy of the documentation and declaration of conformity is verified, for the preceding calendar year, by an independent auditor.

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