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Maritime CO2 monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) from SGS – meet the deadlines and requirements for MRV under EU Regulation 2015/757.

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EU Regulation 2015/757 is now in force, outlining the requirements for monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport. The Regulation covers ships above 5,000 gross tonnes of all flags, and voyages into, out of and between EU ports. Our maritime MRV services can help you to meet EU Regulation 2015/757 requirements and deadlines.

Why choose maritime MRV services from SGS?

We bring our expertise and experience of maritime MRV requirements to offer a comprehensive verification package to ship operators, including:

  • Verification and approval of monitoring plans
  • Verification of compliance with approved monitoring plans
  • Verification of reported data in annual emissions reports
  • Issuing documents of compliance, following successful completion of verification

Helping you meet EU Regulation 2015/757 deadlines

We are a world leader in providing greenhouse gas (GHG) verification services, particularly in EU ETS for both stationary and aviation clients. Our comprehensive maritime MRV services can help you meet the mandatory deadlines set by EU Regulation 2015/757.

Under the EU MRV requirements, monitoring will be required on a per voyage and annual basis. As a result, your company must have a monitoring plan submitted to an accredited verifier for approval by August 2017.

Monitoring commences from 1 January 2018, and you must submit your verified emissions report by 30 April 2019 for data from the 2018 calendar year. Ships included under the scheme will be required to carry a document of compliance issued from their accredited verifier by 30 June 2019.

To discuss your maritime MRV requirements, contact us today.

This service is not currently available in this country. However, we have an unrivalled global network. Please contact us to discuss the delivery of this service.