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CACES® testing certification from SGS – ensure your staff are qualified to test the skills and expertise of drivers of machines for work and lifting, such as forklift trucks and cranes.

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Safer businesses are more productive and gain better reputations in the marketplace – and drivers of specialist vehicles are a key focus for improving safety. You can protect your drivers, and reduce business risks, with Safe Driving Testing (CACES®) Certification.

CACES® testing certification allows you to monitor and manage the expertise of drivers, to make sure they are trained and experienced enough to drive safely. Before implementing a test program, your organization needs to be a Certified Testing Organization (OTC). We are regulated by the National Health Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers (CNAMTS) and accredited by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC) * to certify testers yearly and ensure compliance based on the CACES® requirements, as well as regulations established by the CNAMTS.

CACES® certification can help you to:

  1. Add a new perspective to your organization
  2. Demonstrate continuous improvement
  3. Meet the CNAMTS criteria
  4. Reduce business risk
  5. Diversify activities
  6. Quality guarantee for clients
  7. Improve skills and expertise
  8. Be included on the INRS website
  9. Gain competitive advantage
  10. Improve brand image

Trust CACES® certification from SGS

With extensive experience of conducting CACES® certification you can benefit from our experience and knowledge in this area. Contact us now to learn more about our CACES® certification service.

*(n ° 4-0008 accreditation scope available on