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SGS stands behind our diamond and indicator mineral exploration sample services for the international diamond exploration community.


Our exploration sample processing services include:

  • Indicator Mineral Selection and Classification
  • Diamond Picking and Recovery
  • Indicator Mineral Sample Processing
  • Caustic Fusion
  • Macro and Micro Diamond Extraction

We routinely prepare heavy mineral concentrates from rock, till, soil and alluvial exploration samples using a combination of wet screening and density concentration techniques.

Sample Sizes

We recommend collecting a minimum of 24 kg from each rock type being evaluated, average samples are typically 50-100 kg. For bulk samples, at least 500 kg is necessary to have confidence in grade estimations. Samples of split core are usually 8 kg in weight.


Many of the exploration sample processing services at SGS are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. Quality Assurance procedures include standard operating procedures for all aspects of the processing and also include protocols for training and monitoring of staff. ONLINE LIMS is used for detailed worksheets, batch and sample tracking including weights and labeling for all the products from each sample.

Quality control procedures include:

  • Sample spiking with synthetic diamond SG 3.52
  • Table tails audit with heavy liquids to verify complete heavy mineral recovery
  • Balance and screen calibrations
  • Quality control repicking of 50% of samples 
  • Checking of picked indicator minerals by a mineralogist 
  • SEM-EDS checking of questionable grains.

For confidence in exploration sample processing, trust SGS’s global team of experienced professionals.