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In order to validate parts or components for automotive market, RENAULT and PEUGEOT CITROEN OEMS have defined specifics requirements for requirements for physical-chemical environment of on board electrical and electronic equipments.

The principal specification applied by SGS Laboratories are in accordance with PSA B217130 (PSA B21 71 30) and RENAULT 3600802 (RLT 36 00 802). It concerns vibrations tests, Climatic tests, Chemical tests, Life tests.

SGS laboratories are able to perform the Climatic tests according to CL01 to Cl10 (CL/01, CL/10) tests methods, thermal shock or climatic sequence according to CL06, splash water test according to CL15 or CH06, Vibration endurance following VI/04 or VI/06 or MS/04 and MS/06.; tightness evaluation (liquid or solid) according to CL13 or CH/01 or CL17 (CL/17) and CH/02, the chemical tests following CL25 or CH/08 tests methods, corrosion test according to CH/10 or CL12) or per Corrosive atmosphere following CH/12 test method.

SGS laboratories are also able to perform test methods in accordance with NISSAN 28401NDS01 or PSA B217120 or VOLKSWAGEN VW 80101 or BMW GS95003-4 , or ISO 16750-4, ……