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SGS performs detection of electrical microcuts (micro power cuts) on your products during different mechanical tests, including vibration.

Our equipment monitors up to 12 channels simultaneously with the following features:

  • Event monitoring bandwidth : up to 1 ms (± 10 ns),
  • DC power on each channel up to 100 mA,
  • Maximum voltage measured on contacts under test : 100 mV ± 2mV,
  • Recording of the 1st short pulse detected: Voltage, pulse width,
  • Registration of the contact resistance of each channel during the test.

SGS SERCOVAM performs standards and / or specific test methods such as (non-exhaustive overview):

  • CdC Renault 36 05 019 (3605019): Platinum cable for relays and/or fuses,
  • CdC Renault 36 05 218 (3605218): Crimp (electrical),
  • CdC PSA B21 7050 (B217050): Connectors,
  • CdC PSA B25 1140 (B251140): Wiring Harnesses.