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Mexico and other countries with popular tropical destinations are starting to require the use of biodegradable sunscreen in order to grant authorization to enter water for snorkeling and scuba diving activities; some places will actually confiscate other types of sunscreen upon entry to their facilities.
To anticipate the green sunscreen movement, ask SGS to check your sun care product impact to marine environment.


SGS France Laboratoire de Rouen has developed a panel of toxicity and biodegradability testing to evaluate product impact on specific marine environment:

  • The toxicity testing on marine crustacean, algae, fish (including fish eggs as a non-vertebrate model) will assess the compatibility of your product in marine environment
  • The biodegradability testing in specific marine conditions will ensure your product does not remain in the marine environment and doesn’t cause long term impacts
To complete the risk evaluation of your product SGS can also asses the endocrine disruptor potential effect to ensure the active ingredient safety for the hormonal functioning


SGS works in the Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format scope for more than ten years and can share its expertise in the marine impact evaluation. The wide range of testing available can ensure a full service and a quick response. Our GLP laboratory generate robust results and provide reports compliant with authorities.


Aline Jourdan
Ecotoxicology business manager
SGS France - Laboratoire de Rouen
t. +33 (0)2 35 07 91 34

Julien Bertin
Ecotoxicology study Director 
SGS France - Laboratoire de Rouen
t. +33 (0)2 35 07 91 15