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Reduce the impact of electronic waste and ensure regulatory compliance with the SGS Renovo program for Guinea.

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Electronic waste (e-waste) and used tires are a serious public health and environmental issue that Guinea is actively addressing. We are authorized by the Government of the Republic of Guinea to implement the SGS Renovo program – a revolutionary approach to waste management, combining environmental protection and social responsibility.

As a result, we collect the advance eco-levy on all electrical, electronic equipment (EEE) and tires as specified in the Arrêté A/2019/N° 5159/MEEF/CAB. We also carry out physical inspections of EEE and tires declared as used in the country of export to confirm products are not disguised e-waste.

Why choose the SGS Renovo program for Guinea?

The SGS Renovo Guinea program can help you:

  • Reduce the negative impact of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and tires in Guinea
  • Gain mandatory physical inspections in the country of origin for goods declared as used
  • Help improve Guinea’s social and environmental situation
  • Access our e-environmental declaration form to list all the goods to be supplied under a specific consignment
  • Comply with Government of the Republic of Guinea regulations
  • Receive the SGS Renovo Certificate for customs clearance in Guinea after payment of the eco-levy

You can register products, pay the eco-levy and get a receipt of certificates on the SGS Exporter Portal platform.

SGS Renovo program – authorized by the Government of the Republic of Guinea

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we offer the resources and experience to ensure effective waste management in Guinea. Our SGS Renovo program in Guinea supports the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests in Guinea (MEEF) on the monitoring, inspection and collection of an eco-levy on all new and used EEE products and tires exported to Guinea.

As of July 1, 2020, all exporters of new or used regulated products (EEE and tires) covered by the SGS Renovo Guinea program will be required to pay the eco-levy fees to the Government of the Republic of Guinea, represented by the MEEF.

To find out more about the SGS Renovo Guinea program, contact us today.

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