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INMETRO certification for automotive components from SGS – meet Brazil’s requirements for the sale of OEM and aftermarket automotive components.

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INMETRO regulation 301, issued on July 21, 2011, requires auto components for the aftermarket to carry both the coformity seal of SBAC (Brazilian Conformity Evaluation System), that includes INMETRO mark and SGS conformity seal, accredited by CGCRE (the accreditation division of INMETRO), to enter and be sold in Brazil. We have extensive experience working with the world’s major OEMs and aftermarket suppliers and have been qualified by CGCRE as a Product CB (Certification Body - CPB). This means we provide certification services according to Inmetro requirements and can help your products meet the local requirements  entering  the market quickly and efficiently.

Automotive parts such as glass, shock absorbers, electric fuel pumps for Otto cycle engines, horns or similar equipment used in automotive road vehicles, pistons, piston pins and lock rings, piston rings, bearing shell and lamps, now have to be compliant and manufacturers and importers must meet the requirements. From July 22, 2013, newly produced automotive components must bear the SBAC conformity seal. From July 21, 2014 only certified automotive products may be sold in Brazil.

INMETRO regulation 445/2010,  applies to OEM and aftermarket parts and defines all the processes applicable to automotive wheels, which must be certified by January 2013. From January 2015, automotive wheels without INMETRO conformity identification mark cannot be sold in the country.

INMETRO regulation 299, issue in June 14, 2012 applies to automotive batteries manufactured for both OEM and aftermarket supply and sale. From June 14, 2013 all batteries must be INMETRO certified.

Our automotive consumer goods testing experts can help you achieve compliance for all your products, in accordance with Brazilian laws. We have unrivalled experience and a network of offices, labs and vehicle testing centres throughout the world, we offer you a unique, independent and global service. As a result, we provide the resources and expertise you need for reliable, accurate and secure vehicle and automotive consultancy.

Achieve INMETRO certification with automotive compliance evaluation services from SGS. Contact our experts for more details