Get NF Cookware Certification

The NF Cookware certification guarantees a higher level of quality and safety than required by regulation.

Consumers are increasingly demanding the quality, reliability and safety of the products they use.

You are a manufacturer or distributor and you are part of this process? The NF Cookware certification allows you to recognize your commitment to consumers and thus enhance the efforts made on your culinary items: casserole, pan, fryer, wok, pot and crepe.

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Why have an NF Cookware product certified?

The NF Cookware certification is based on a demanding repository that meets market expectations. It is a differentiating selling point, meeting a level of quality and safety that exceeds regulatory requirements.

Delivered by SGS France, an independent certification body mandated by AFNOR Certification. The NF Cookware certification benefits from the strong reputation of the NF brand which is positioned in the top 3 certification brands or labels recognized by consumers: 74% of them say "that with the NF logo I have a guarantee of safety, more than with another acronym". (BVA study - 1000 people - January 2015)

By certifying your NF Cookware product, you benefit from a visible and recognized brand that inspires confidence and benefit from a sales assistance communication kit.

How to get the NF Cookware certification?


Step 1: complete the contact form by telling us which product you want to have certified

Step 2: our team contacts you to plan the product control program (audit, laboratory tests, production monitoring, etc.)

Step 3: tests and controls are conducted in order to check that the candidate product responds to:    

  • Current regulatory requirements as well as associated French and European standards
  • The repository defined and validated by market participants and AFNOR Certification
  • Laboratory tests attesting to the performance of the product

Step 4: SGS France awards NF Cookware certification

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